Annual Generator Maintenance

Annual Generator Maintenance


In order to extend the life and ensure optimal performance of your generator, Brewis Electric is pleased to offer an annual maintenance service which is recommended by Generac.


This service includes:

  1. Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
  2. Battery and electrical inspection
  3. Necessary replacement of worn items such as spark plugs, filters and fuses
  4. Check and adjust valves if necessary
  5. Ensure the transfer switch is operating correctly



Brewis Electric is a factory-authorized and Certified Elite Dealer of Generac and is trained in the proper application, installation and service of all Generac automatic standby generators, assuring you the highest quality of service and support for your generator.


If you would like to book a service appointment, please contact our Customer Service Manager, Ken Boyechko at 250-383-5157, Ext. 27 or by email



Ken Boyechko

Brewis Electric Company Ltd.